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Closing the Pocket[]

Loading Screen of "Closing the Pocket"

Loading Screen of "Closing the Pocket"


October 8, 1944 · South of Memel, Lithuania. 43rd Army. Army Group North suffers the unstoppable tide of the Red Army. Stavka proceeds to encircle the city of Memel. In the south, the 43rd Army dashes towards the coast to cut the Germans off from the south. A brutal engagement is about to unfold..."



1. Recapture the depot for acquiring supplies.

2. Capture the first line of defense to get access to AT equipment and support weaponry.

3. Recapture the village of Daukšaičiai to gain access to medium armor.

4. Secure the road checkpoint to pave way for our heavy tanks.

5. Take out the German Heavy Artillery position and gain access to heavy howitzers.

6. Seize the enemy communications outpost to establish communications with our air force.

7. Assault the German headquarters and surrounding defenses