Gates of Hell: Ostfront Wiki

Doctrines are a feature of Gates of Hell: Ostfront that allows players to specialize in a certain area by supplementing the base roster with special units based on the doctrine chosen.

Generally speaking, the units made available will fit with the theme of the doctrine (I.E. heavy anti tank guns in a defensive doctrine), but there are exceptions to this rule to ensure that doctrines aren't too restrictive to other styles of gameplay.

Units from the doctrine menu are spawned using DP, or "Doctrine Points", and cost CP to maintain just like any other unit. Unlike manpower, the player will start with maximum DP. However, there is no method to refill DP. Because of this, spawning units from the Doctrine menu is not to be taken lightly, as spawning too many lower tier units can lock you out of the more powerful tier three units. The three tiers are each locked behind a separate timer. The first tier unlocks five minutes into the game, the second at fifteen minutes, and the final tier at twenty-five minutes.

Doctrines are chosen by players while inside an MP lobby prior to the game beginning. Teammates will have different icons next to their name depending on which doctrine that they have chosen. It is not possible to view the doctrines that enemy players have chosen while not in their team.

Each faction has two different sets of doctrines, one set for mid war, and another set for late war.

ATTENTION: Click here for a compact overview of the doctrines.


Mid War:[]

[All-Round] Guards Unit[]

USSR midwar allround.png

[Defensive] Not One Step Back![]

USSR midwar defensive.png

[Irregular] Reserves[]

USSR midwar irregular.png

[Offensive] Spearhead[]

USSR midwar offensive spearhead.png

Late War:[]

[All-Round] Lend-Lease[]

Ussr late all-round lend-lease.png

[Defensive] Defensive Breakthrough[]

USSR latewar defensive breakthrough.png

[Irregular] Demolition[]

USSR latewar irregulars demolition.png

[Offensive] Shock Army[]

USSR latewar offensive shockarmy.png


Mid War:[]

[All-Round] Grenadier Unit[]

Mid ger Grenadier.PNG

[Defensive] Auxiliary Defense[]

Mid ger auxiliary.PNG

[Irregular] Special Taskforce[]

Mid ger special.PNG

[Offensive] Heavy Battalion[]

Mid ger heavy.PNG

Late War:[]

[All-Round] Volksgrenadiere[]

Late ger volksgrenadiere.PNG

[Defensive] Defense of the Reich[]

Late ger defense.PNG

[Irregular] Veterans[]

Late ger veterans.PNG

[Offensive] Kampfgruppe[]

Late ger kampfgruppe.PNG