Gates of Hell: Ostfront Wiki

This page lists all the game modes in Call to Arms: Gates of Hell.


"Play through the singleplayer campaigns" - Campaign official description

Campaign is not a specific game mode on Call to Arms: Gates of Hell, as each campaign mission has different objectives and gameplay styles. One mission might be a desperate final stand, while another could be a stealth mission behind enemy lines, Every mission is different. To see a list of campaign missions or read about specific missions, go here. However, there is one specific type of mission located in the campaign called Skirmishes.


Not to be confused with the multiplayer modes, as they are also called skirmishes, a Campaign Skirmish is a mode where the player must push forward and capture a series of objectives to push the enemy out. There are multiple Skirmish missions, which are either located in specific skirmish folders or within regular campaign folders but listed as skirmishes. The player can use their resources to call in new units of their choosing, with different Doctrines offering different selections of units (these doctrines are not the same as in Multiplayer, and differ mission to mission, however they do tend to feature similar units as the multiplayer versions do). Each point captured will unlock new units for the player to call in depending on which doctrine they selected as well. The AI, while holding its defensive lines, will try to do counterattacks with its own units it calls in. If they reach your HQ and capture it, you lose. Once all enemy points are taken, including the final one at the end of the map, the player wins.

Conquest (Dynamic Campaign)[]

"Conquer enemy territories in randomized skirmish battles" - Conquest official description

Battle Zones[]

"Capture and hold key positions on the map!" - Battle Zones official description

In Battle Zones, there are a set number of positions on the map that each team (players and/or AI) must battle to control. Controlling points increases the rate at which you gain MP, so controlling them increases your ability to field more units. Controlling more flags increases the rate at which you gain victory points, and the first team to reach the max points wins. On default settings, if a player takes enough damage to drop to 0 points, that also results in a loss. Without custom settings, these matches will last until someone wins through reaching max points OR reducing the enemy to 0 points.


"Inflict as many losses to the enemy as possible. Protect your field HQ at all costs." - Domination official description

In Domination, there are 2 types of capture zones; HQs and regular Zones. As the match progresses, Zones will randomly pop up on the map and spawn supply crates on them. Capturing them gives an MP and victory point reward, so taking them is of vital importance. The HQ zones are different, and capturing the enemy's HQ will instantly win you the game (and vice-versa). Using your units to cover as much of the map as possible is extremely important, since controlling more of the map increases the chances that a point will pop up inside an area you already control. On default settings, victory is achieved either by reaching maximum points, capturing the enemy's HQ, or having the most points when time runs out.


"Battle through the singleplayer campaign with others!" - Cooperative official description

Cooperative is the same as the Singleplayer Campaign and Skirmish missions, but allows you to play it with other players.