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This article will least features of the game that may not be widely known.

General Features[]

Campaign Features[]

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Multiplayer Features[]

MP and the Payback System[]

In Multiplayer, Manpower (MP, the resource you use to purchase units) ticks up over time. One feature that goes unexplained is called Payback. Payback is the amount of extra MP you get for not being at your Command Points (CP) limit to prevent snowballing losses when you lose units, The rate at which MP is gained through payback is as follows:

  • < 80 Command Points: 1 MP a second
  • 80 Command Points: 0.8 MP a second
  • 95 Command Points: 0.6 MP a second
  • 110 Command Points: 0.4 MP a second
  • 125 Command Points: 0.2 MP a second
  • 200 Command Points: 0.1 MP a second

Editor Features[]

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