Gates of Hell: Ostfront Wiki

USSR Skirmishes[]

Battle of Smolensk header Battle of Smolensk[]

No Land Beyond the Volga! header No Land Beyond the Volga![]

Operation Bagration header Operation Bagration[]

Bloodshed at Seelow Heights header Bloodshed at Seelow Heights[]

Germany Skirmishes[]

Battle of Moscow header Battle of Moscow[]

Mamayev Kurgan header Mamayev Kurgan[]

Kharkov header Kharkov[]

Downfall header Downfall[]

Finland Skirmishes[]

Honkaniemi header Honkaniemi[]

Petrozavodsk header Petrozavodsk[]

Arctic Fox header Arctic Fox[]

Ilomantsi header Ilomantsi[]

USA Skirmishes [WIP][]

Battle of Smolensk header Operation Cobra[]

Battle of Smolensk header Falaise Pocket[]

Battle of Smolensk header Battle of Hurtgen Forest[]

Battle of Smolensk header Battle of the Bulge[]

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