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Through Ice and Fire[]


December 18th, 1939 · Summa, Finland. 2nd battalion of the 9th JR. The USSR has invaded Finland. After initial skirmishes, the main force of the red army arrives at the Finnish main line of defence in december of 1939. This line, known as the Mannerheim line, will have to stop the red army where the main axis of the Soviet attack leads past Summa and toward Viipuri. Bitter fighting ensues. But this is not the Maginot line, and the defenders know this fight will be anything but a walk-over. In this mission, you will have to prove your leadership by making sure you don’t get flanked while you hold on to Finland’s only defensive line that has a chance of stopping the red army.



  1. Hold the Mannerheim line!
  2. Destroy the Experimental Heavy Tank!


  1. Raid the enemy super-heavy mortars




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